Cross border Logistics Solutions

Cross-border logistics requires expertise and visibility, especially when it comes to large volumes and consumer goods. Each country has its own laws, regulations and formalities, and transport must be carefully planned to avoid delays or unforeseen events. Complexity and costs increase when multimodal transport is added to the equation.

We make cross border shipping easy for many of our clients. Border delays and customs clearance issues can be a nightmare and prove to be a major factor in customer retention. We ensure cross border shipping is made easy and seamless for our customers.

CBS Logistics Solutions provides cross-border logistics management for your company’s needs. Certified professionals are waiting to transport your goods across the border. We offer multiple different cross-border services to fit your specific needs. 

When it comes to consumer products, many players and suppliers are concentrated in the same geographical area, covering several countries. While products can be made and used in the same region, they are also often shipped to different destinations.  Complex cross-border logistics must therefore be put in place to meet time, cost, and speed-to-market objectives.

CBS handles multimodal and cross-border transport in many regions around the world, such as Europe, China and SouthEast Asia, the USA and Mexico. We provide flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping operations. Thanks to our fully-integrated IT solutio, you can keep an eye on all operations and shipments in real time.