B2B Service

For over a decade CBS has helped some of the world’s leading B2B brands transform their online presence through guiding optimization efforts pertaining to platforming, strategy, design, customer acquisition, retention and everything else needed to scale an online business.

 CBS  is an end-to-end partner for B2B eCommerce brands, helping to build profitable online channels, drive sustained customer acquisition and retention efforts, and future-proof B2B brand’s online revenue streams.


If your online storefront is built on an inadequate platform, features a poor user experience, has poor merchandising, or features similar issues, no customer acquisition strategy will prove fruitful.

Visiture takes the time to intimately understand your business and its unique needs through on-site discovery days, showing that we are a true partner in your company’s success. Through these visits, we help revolutionize your digital storefront by collaborating in the following areas:

First, we spend the time getting to know your business with multi-day discovery sessions on-site at your HQ. We learn everything from operations, sales, marketing, warehousing, and more to be a true ally for your business and build a digital experience that will drive sales.
What sets CBS apart from similar agencies is that we put the customer experience first. This is clearly reflected in our cutting-edge work in Progressive Website Application development. CBS was one of the first marketing agencies to build a B2B eCommerce site using progressive website applications on Magento, dramatically enhancing the user experience for this particular B2B merchant.

We build your new online storefront on a handpicked platform perfectly suited to your brand’s requirements and business goals.

 Visiture employs only the most contemporary and effective practices related to user experience and conversion rate optimization through our proven and award-winning process of discovery, design, development, and deployment.

Once the site has launched, you can expect world-class support from our expert team of developers, designers, conversion rate optimization specialists, and other seasoned professionals, all managed through a customer success manager.

Customer Retention

Customer retention is critical to growing an online business as it costs far more to obtain new customers. Through CBS’s email marketing program, sellers can keep more of their clientele active, thereby generating more revenue.

Customer Acquisition

After the storefront is optimized and has gone live, we turn our efforts to driving profitable customers to your storefront, working shoulder-to-shoulder to grow your online storefront for years to come.

 This is achieved through leveraging paid media to drive high-converting traffic through channels such as Amazon,eBay, Noon, Walmart, Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and similarly profitable portals. We then use our SEO and Content Marketing offerings to develop highly relevant content and evergreen content to earn greater visibility in Google’s SERPs to drive customers to your storefront year after year.

As one of the most important advertising portals available to eCommerce merchants, paying special attention to Amazon, hand-crafting a tailored advertising strategy that targets the right keywords, categories, products, and most importantly, consumers.

Through promoting the right items on the right pages in ideal placements, CBS optimizes Amazon PPC campaigns for exponential sales and business growth.

Our Google Shopping specialists will work with your team to maximize the potential of your brand’s product feed to ensure that Shopping ads surface for the most relevant, valuable queries. Focusing on user intent, image optimization, and keyword implementation, we can push a Shopping campaign’s potentiality to the fullest.