Freedom Through Flexibility
Follow your passion

CrossBorder Business Solutions is committed to hiring the best and brightest minds in eCommerce. If you’re hungry to be a great teammate, leader, and innovator, come work with us!

The atmosphere and the people you work with have a significant impact on your well-being. As a fully remote company, we maintain a collaborative atmosphere despite having a dispersed team. Making sure everybody feels like a part of the team is incredibly important to us. We get the whole team together on a daily video conference and also breakout into smaller groups for casual social time, getting you and your teammates better acquainted. Our team has an incredible level of experience, which is excellent when you’re newer to a topic or just want to discuss techniques. We take an educational approach throughout the business and encourage team collaboration. We want our employees to develop their skills to become the best marketers they can be.

From our work with clients to the everyday life of employees, our core values affect every aspect of our business. These are the values our employees’ practice and values any candidate should embody.

Think Career. Think CBS.
Personal Development

 Our team is composed of vetted marketers ripe with the knowledge to share.

Competitive Salary

 We do our due diligence to make sure our employees receive competitive pay.


 We utilize the latest technology to ensure that our clients get the best results.


 Our employees have a great deal of skill and experience.

Our Core Beliefs
It's Not Just Your Next Job

You can move from one job to the next. But are you learning and growing? Are you building a career that inspires you and moves you forward? At CBS, we work just as hard at developing your potential as we do at building our world-class technologies. Your growth fuels our success.

PPC Management
Content Marketing Associate
Listing Management
Digital Marketing Associate
Seller Account Manager
Paid Media Asociate